3Fun Vulnerability Revealed

The 3Fun dating app is a location-based mobile online dating application that’s available for both iOS and Android. Currently available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil, the Netherlands, and several other countries, 3Fun has nearly two million downloads total. In the United States alone, 3Fun has about 100,000 monthly downloads.

Pen Test Partner’s security researchers discovered that 3Fun was storing users’ real-time location in the app itself

In a recent report, security researchers from Pen Test Partners found that 3Fun was storing users’ location data in the app itself, rather than storing it on its servers. While users may have restricted this data to a few places, the vulnerability allowed third-parties to determine where users were located. As a result, a large amount of sensitive data was exposed.

The security researchers at Pen Test Partner were able to discover the issue after conducting a series of tests on the mobile application. While the company has since resolved the issue, the data has been made public and can be accessed by third parties. This privacy issue is an important one, as it could expose valuable information about a user.

It also leaked users’ personal information

A vulnerability was recently discovered in the 3fun app, which has since been fixed. The flaw allowed the app to expose sensitive information, including users’ date of birth, gender, and sexual orientation. It also exposed users’ geographic coordinates. However, the company was quick to fix the flaw, claiming that it had taken steps to ensure the safety of its users. This article looks at the implications of the flaws and the possible solutions.

The company is not the only website that has been compromised. A technology company called Pen Test Partners said that a hack of the 3fun app led to the leak of user data. It was able to track users to locations as far afield as the U.S. Supreme Court, and even to 10 Downing Street. This exposes the personal information of a huge number of users.


It uses AI technology to identify fake profiles

3Fun is a new casual dating app that uses AI technology to detect and remove fake profiles. The technology can detect stolen profile pictures and nude photos, ensuring that 3Fun users don’t waste their time with unreliable profiles. To further reduce the risk of catfishing, 3Fun allows users to upload verified or private photos.

While 3Fun isn’t the first app to use AI to detect fake profiles, recent developments in this technology have made it possible for the site to identify the profiles of fake users. The company’s system has the ability to analyze user location data, including real-time location and sexual preferences. With this data, researchers are now able to create maps of the people in a user’s profile. Researchers say that the algorithm can spot fake profiles by looking at small signals, like the shape of an earring or the way the eyelashes are coiffed.

It encourages open-minded singles and couples to let go of inhibitions

3Fun is a dating app that is designed for open-minded singles and couples who want to let go of their inhibitions and explore different types of relationships. The app was founded by Max Ma, a software engineer, and promotes safe and ethical dating by enabling users to freely enter swinging, polyamorous, and open relationships. The app has over 2.5 million verified active users worldwide and has over 10 million downloads.

3Fun caters to all sexual orientations, from sex-positive kinks to open-minded polyamorists, and some members even engage in triple dating. The app has an active LGBTQ+ following, particularly in the Bay Area. Users can download 3Fun to their Android or iOS phones to explore their kinky side.

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